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hinterland Maleny to Mapleton !



Wedding History



'In the early nineteenth-century England, when a man asked a woman for her hand in marriage, he was said to have 'plighted his troth' and the couple were then 'betrothed'. A betrothal was blessed by the church and was legally binding.'


'The veil was eastern, in origin and was introduced into Europe by returning crusaders. Eastern women wore it to ward off the 'Evil Eye'. It was not taken off until after the wedding ceremony and a sign to the groom that his bride was pure. Purity has continued to be associated with veils.'


'Here's a little tip for superstitious brides and grooms - whoever has their hand on top when the cake is cut shall rule the household.'


'Apparently the best man used to stand beside the bride at the altar, because she was valuable and needed to be protected. However, the story goes that a groom, or perhaps a number of grooms, caught his best man being over-protective and banished him form the brides side to his own.'


'It has been said that bridesmaids hoping to catch a husband should, among other things, put on the bride's garter for her; catch the bridal bouquet, carry a piece of wedding cake around for the duration of the newlyweds honeymoon and sleep with a piece of wedding cake (dreaming cake) under her pillow.'


'Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe.'


'Destiny brings two souls together to light up the world with love.' (Adele Basheer)